Terms of Service

The prices are following:

Subreddit front page guarantee: $50

10 Upvotes – $1 ($0.1 per upvote)
100 Upvotes – $9 ($0.09 per upvote)
200 Upvotes – $17 ($0.085 per upvote)
500 Upvotes – $40 ($0.08 per upvote)

Posting from our old and HQ account: $5
Comments (which you supply): $1

– New accounts $1/1
– 6 months old + $3/1
– With karma, please contact support.

If your links get removed, you will be able to use the rest of the upvotes you have had, but there is no refund.
Refund is only if you buy the front page guarantee and we fail to deliver.
We do not recommend to use affiliate/ecommerce links, as they get often removed.

TAT is 24 hours for upvotes/downvotes, 2-5 days for accounts (usually much quicker).
If you would like to post yourself, please check if the support is online so we can process the link as soon as possible (it’s better for you if the upvotes are fresh).

If you order upvotes without ordering the posting service and you send us only website link, we will deduct the $5 from the order and post it from our account.

For more info please read: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/reddit-services-50-subreddit-guaranteed-front-page-0-08-upvotes-downvotes-accs.1018638/